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Featured Products this month


Wicked Steak Spice

Our unique blend of herbs & spices make our Steak Spice truly an exciting taste treat. Great on steaks or chops our Steak Spice can be ground in a pepper mill & used as a rub on chicken, pork or fish. It is also delicious in stews, salads, eggs & on just about everything.




Wicked Rhubarb Curry Chutney

The essence of sweet curry together with rhubarb make this chutney truly unique. This is the type of product that you will want to eat out of the jar and use this every way you can!   Use as a cheese topper, great with lamb, chicken, fish or even as a salad dressing mixed with oil & vinegar.




Honey Garlic Sauce

Our Honey Garlic Marinade is a perennial favourite. A sweet garlic sauce second to none. Fabulous for chicken wings, all types of stir fry, pork tenderloin & just about anything else your creative juices can think of. Our customers tell us it is also a wonderful marinade for steak.




Best product around. I can use them in anything. I can enhance an old, favorite recipe with new flavors. Or I can work a meal around them to the focal point of the dish. Can't say enough about their products!

Anna on Facebook

Their steak spice is the best...my son uses it on everything!

Linda on Facebook

Best products around, used them for years. My favourite is the Chicken and Rib Sticking Sauce.

Glen on Facebook

I placed an order over the phone this past week in time for Mother's day, and when it arrived, one item was opened, and a bit of a mess. I called in and spoke to Barbara (owner), not only was she professional and courteous, she also delivered a replacement the following day for me so that I would have it in time for Mother's Day. Amazing Customer Service!

Jennifer on Facebook

Wicked Gourmet broadens our culinary horizon with all their great products. No more same ole same ole. GREAT PRODUCTS!!!

Tim on Facebook

Bought some Everything Rub seasoning from Wicket Gourmet at the One of a Kind show in Toronto yesterday. My husband used it on chicken wings - it was great! 

Sandra on Facebook

Amazing products and have been using everything since they started!!!!!!

Marek on Facebook

Always the best! Love all the sauces, mostly the bbq sauce. Thank you for the wonderful items every year!

Candice on Facebook

The honey garlic is amaziiing!! And I recently got the apricot which I'm not hooked on too!

Amanda on Facebook

We are celebrating 20 years - Makin' it great since '98!

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